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Weherahena Temple
Underground Temple LEARN MORE is a Centre for the Study and Practice of Buddhism Large Buddha Statue
and underground temple
founder of the temple Most Ven. Parawahera Rewatha maha Thero
Chief Incumbent Most Ven.Daulaga Sangharathana Nayaka Theo
Chief Incumbent. Most Ven Kegalle Rathanasara Nayaka Thero

Welcome to Weherahena temple

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Our temple is the first tunnel temple in the world. It is the largest Buddhist temple built in recent times. Artistic creations of the temple from Buddha statues and Buddhist frescoes. I invite you to pay homage to this sacred place.

Chief incumbent of temple
ven.Krathanasara thero

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Our Core Vision

Meditation is one of the greatest ways to obtain inner peace and harmony. It is believed that meditation helps to accustom mind to positive thinking and calmness. When our mind is serene, it means that we are free from stress and open to true happiness. Everyone is invited to join our meditation lesson and enjoy the process.

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Meditate… do not delay, lest you later regret it.

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Covid 19 notices

Special Notice For Devotees
When you are visiting Weherahena temple Please adhere to the Corona Virus prevention measures instructed by the health authorities. Wash your hands, wear a face mask, and maintain one meter distance always with discipline. Once the worshiping is over please be kind enough to exit without unnecessary loitering.

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