This pirivena was established in order to contribute learned Buddhist Bikkus for the Sasana and they are rained for propaganda work in Sri-Lanka as well as other countries. This Pirivena was started was five novice monks and the first Parivenadhipathi (Principal) was Rev.Modarawane Siddaththa Nayaka Thero.

Pali, Sanskrit and Sinhala are taught here. Facilities are available to study Buddhism. English is also taught for the monks. In addition to these monks boys also study here for these students science, Health Education, Social Science and Geography are taught here. Nearly 1000 monks studied here and they are engaged in propaganda work others give religious education to the residential novice monks. There are is and the present pariwenadhipathi is Rev.Aparekke Soratha Thero who has been working for a longtime.