Situated at Matara district, in the southern province of Sri Lanka, the temple can be located on the Matara – Kekanadura road via Weherahena about 6km from Matara town. The temple complex, inclusive of all features spreads up to a vast land of three acres. It is also known as the first tunnel temple in the world. The colossal Buddha image which was built after Anuradapura and Polonnaruwa period is also a significant part of the temple.

This temple consists of all the main features such as chetiya (pagoda) sacred Bo-tree and Samadhi Buddha statue. The walls of the tunnel temple are adorned with Buddha frescoes. According to the historical records, the tunnel temple frescoes narrate the Jathaka stories (legends) of Ummagga Jathaka and Umandawa which were written about Pandit Mahewushada (mahoushadha).

The enormous Buddha image which is 88 cubits in height is situated facing to East of the temple. The courtyard has been constructed on the frontage of the statue. There are also two beautiful ponds in the middle of the yard.


Most Rev.Parawahera Nayaka Thero

Most Rev.Rewatha Nayaka Thero

Most Rev.Daulagala Sangarathana Nayaka Thero

Most Rev.Parawahera Rewatha Anunahimi was the founder of Weherahena Rajamaha Viharaya. The foundation stone was laid by Hon: Anagarika Darmapala on 5th of March, 1939. The construction work was commenced by the thero and was completed in 1968, utilizing 29 years to conclude this immense task. Most Rev.P.Reawatha Nayaka Thero passed away on 18th of August in 1968.

After the passing away of Rev.P.Rewatha Nayaka Thero the successor was Rev.Daulagala Sangarathana Nayaka Thero who was his senior disciple. This priest dedicated himself to develop the temple during his period. During this time the temple was developed as an educational and cultural centre. A Pirivena was incepted to train Buddhist bikkus for Damma propagation work in foreign countries.

After Rev.Dawulagala Sangarathana Nayaka Thero, his senior disciple Rev.Kegalle Rathanasara Thero was appointed as the chief incumbent of the temple. He was engaged in social and propagates activities with the experience he had gathered. Rev.Kegalle Rathanasara Thero has made a tremendous contribution to uplift the temple to its present state. Many projects have been initiated for betterment of the temple. Currently Weherahena is being developed as a sacred city.